Joel Appugliese

Joel Appugliese

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First Name * Joel
Last Name * Appugliese
Username * RageOfAges
Country * Canada
City Victoria
Nationality Canadian
Languages EnglishFrench





I plunged into the world of 3D nearly 5 years ago after having played Freelancer, an amazing space combat simulator from Microsoft Studios. Wanting to know more about the game I stumbled apon a fantastic community website where I found tons of ship plugins. It blew my mind and I wanted to create my own.
From there it was a small step to find a school and enroll in a unique situation where I I, amongst others, would be the first to begin a Winter semester at New Media Campus in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. None of the other 9 students commited, however, so I was in a classrom where it was myself and my Instructor, Malcolm Macleoud, who I see as a mentor. His knowledge of arts in general and Computer Graphics especially was inspiring, and his dedication to the field was something to look up to.
After a year of Personal Tutoring (which is what it seemed like) I graduated and returned to my home town of Montreal to break into career.
Today I mostly do Freelance work until I can get my work up to par and secure employment.